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U-Haul Center of Lake St. Louis
8004 Hawk Ridge Trail
Lake St. Louis, Missouri
75,760 sf

New construction has started at Lake St. Louis for a three-story building to accommodate the need for storage and U-Haul’s rental business.

Roof and Wall Treatment:
This project incorporates pre-engineered Double Lok 24 gauge metal roofing panels, alternating 26 gauge metal wall panels and 2″ metal insulated wall panels, as well as pre-cast concrete walls.

Special Features:
The first floor of 26,788 sf includes restrooms, mercantile, storage, and 19,324 sf of self-storage. The second and third floors each consists of 24,486 sf of self-storage spaces, with a restroom on the second floor. All storage is climate controlled.  Nineteen of the first floor storage spaces accommodates ADA needs. 

Special Needs:
The secured facilities are alarmed with electronic access and cameras throughout. The identity of U-Haul is depicted with the orange color on the doors and elsewhere.

End Use:
Self Storage Units and U-Haul Rental 

Amerco Real Estate Company, the parent company of U-Haul who has served the do-it-yourself movers, moving households for over 70 years.