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TFI Pittsburg
3101 C. North Michigan
Pittsburg, Kansas
28,500 Sq.Ft.
Completed January 2006

Roof and Wall Treatments:
MR 24 Standing Seam Roof; brick and EFIS exterior.

Special Needs:
The customer wanted to locate two divisions within the same space so the building was designed with left and right mirrored office layouts with centralized services. The need for individual privacy required multiple small offices throughout the building. Windows were added to these interior offices so the small spaces did not feel so confining.

End Use:
Office Building for TFI Family Services that houses administration, counselor’s offices, and visitation areas.

Client: TFI Family Services is a not-for-profit child care agency based in Emporia, Kansas with 26 offices that provide comprehensive coverage in Kansas and Missouri.

Founded in 1965 by Maxine Johnson as a summer camp for youth in northern Lyon County, the agency evolved into a foster care home with the stated goal of “keeping brothers and sisters together”. While much has changed, the mission of doing what makes sense for the children remains.

Today TFI Family Services provides youth services through foster care, family permanency, and behavioral health programs. The youth come from various backgrounds and bring with them a broad scope of physical, behavioral, emotional, and special needs. They may have been abused or neglected; they may have “gotten into trouble”; or they may require placements that better support their specific needs. Whatever the reason, TFI firmly believes that youth can thrive with proper guidance, support and compassion. All of their services combine to form a “Continuum of Care” that addresses the overall needs of the children they serve.