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Prairieland Partners
2300 West 9th Street
Winfield, Kansas

16,200 Sq. Ft. New shop area
4,500 Sq. Ft. Wash bay and oil storage
2,115 Sq. Ft. New tech service and office
11,026 Sq. Ft. Remodel of existing building

With 11 dealerships located in the state of Kansas, Prairieland Partners is looking at each dealership and coming up with ways to bring all facilities up to date and how it can accommodate larger equipment.

Roof and Wall Treatments:
Manufactured by Star Buildings, the roof system is  26 ga. Galvalume Plus and the wall panels are Durarib 26 ga. wall panels. 6″ insulation was installed in the roof and 4″ insulation installed on walls to provide the proper energy levels. 

Special Features:
With the equipment getting larger and Prairieland Partners being in the commercial sprayer business, there was a need for larger doors in the shop area. A 30’ x 20’ electric powered overhead door was installed in one end wall of the shop as well as two 24’ x 18’ and four 20’ x 18’ overhead doors. The shop floor is heated with in-floor heating using used waste oil boilers, which will be fueled using waste oil produced from the shop.

Special Needs:
With the age of the existing building, a 4 ft. difference in height from the new to the existing building required installing ramps and stairways to accommodate ADA.

End Use:
An updated dealership to better serve customers.

PrairieLand Partners
Winfield is one of Prairieland Partners oldest facilities located on 160 Highway in Winfield, Ks. In order to better serve their customers, the decision was made to remain at this location and remodel some areas of the facility. The remodel project includes a larger showroom area, parts area and sales offices. A new addition will include a new shop office, oil storage, specials tools area, service area, wash bay, shop area (which includes a tech service area, and tech break area and service managers office), and new restrooms for the tech area and the general public.