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                                                Pizza Ranch

Pizza Ranch
116 Stewart Ct.
Liberty, Missouri

Completed in October, 2012
Roof and Wall Treatments:
Wood siding and stone veneer. TPO roof system and canopy with shingle roof.
Special Features: 
This corporate owned restaurant includes a playroom with basketball goal.  The corporate designed western style is carried throughout.

Special Needs: 
The buffet style restaurant caters to families serving their legendary meals, including pizza, chicken, salads and more.

End Use:

Pizza Ranch started in Hull, Iowa by Adrie Groeneweg as a dream, realized in 1981when he was just 19 years old. With just six specialty and single topping pizza recipes developed by Adrie’s mother, Lorraine, Pizza Ranch was born. The residents of Hull flocked to the young restaurant for made-from-scratch sauce and dough and other fresh ingredients. As word spread, Pizza Ranch grew. The dream that began in the heart of a young man now extends to nine states. With 165 + locations and plans for continued growth, Pizza Ranch is excited about the future. HASTCO hopes to be part of that future and is excited about helping Pizza Ranch build.