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Concordia Tractor Inc.
Hwy 81 and Union Road
Concordia, Kansas
64,800 sq ft
Completed January 2011

The increase in agricultural sales has lead to the growth of John Deere and Concordia Tractor Inc. CTI-Concordia operations were housed in three cramped buildings. The new facility more than doubled their existing space; allowing for sales, service and retail to be housed under one roof; and provide a facility designed with the new John Deere Place concept.

Roof and Wall Treatments:
Pre-engineered Butler Building with MR24 Standing Seam Roof and 2” (R23) insulated wall panels.

Special Features:
20’ wide by 40’ high hydro swing door into the shop area. Due to the unavailability of natural gas to the site, the Owner is looking at supplementing the electric power with a 30 or 50 KW wind turbine. In addition to implement tractor service bays, the building  features semi tractor service bays. Over 80% of the building floor is heated with in-floor heat provided from waste oil burners. This project is designed to meet Energy Star Standards.

Special Needs:
The owner wanted to incorporate the company’s corporate offices within the facility but separate from the other operations. This was accomplished by adding an area off the retail and sales offices.

End Use:
Dealership featuring agricultural farm equipment to accommodate customers.

Concordia Tractor Inc. is a 40+ year John Deere Dealer with over 100 employees and locations in Clay Center, Abilene, Wamego and Concordia, Kansas.
Concordia Tractor Inc.