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Concordia Tractor Inc. (CTI)
1181 18th Rd.
Clay Center, KS

60,979 sf

The grand opening for CTI’s new John Deere dealership in Clay Center, Kansas took place early in 2016. This new facility replaced the old facility located at 642 W. Crawford in Clay Center.

Roof and Wall Treatment:
The building structure is a complete pre-engineered building by Star Building Systems. The roof system a 24 gauge Double Lok standing seam roof insulated with R-32 SimpleSaver insulation system. The walls are an AVP 26 gauge painted wall panel combined with a 2″ thick Mesa insulated panel.

The front of the building is Accented with a Precast Concrete Wedge with a curved Metal roof for the entry. Brick and glass also accent the front of the building.

Special Features:
Over two thirds of the building is heated with an in-floor radiant heating system using a Used Oil Boiler system backed up by a Natural gas boiler. The remainder of the building is heated and cooled using multiple high energy efficient Furnace and Condensing units. The shop service bays also have piped compressed air, piped new oil system to each bay and a piped Used Oil system with dump stations. Multiple 3 ton bridge cranes serves the shop area.The wall separating the shop area from the office and showroom is made up of a 4″ EPS wall panel to serve as a sound barrier between the different areas. LED lighting is used throughout the entire electrical system of the building interior and exterior.

Special Needs:
With the increase of farming equipment size, the old facility did not accommodate the customer’s needs. This new facility and location accommodates this with a 75’x110′ and 80’x50′ area for office and showroom, 100’x100′ area for parts, 225’x100′ area for shop, and a 150’x40′ area for wash bay and special tool storage. A 9,000 sf Mezzanine located over the office area and the parts area will serve as more office space and storage area.

End Use:
Agricultural dealership to accommodate a growing industry.

CTI John Deere
“Four locations to meet all your needs. Concordia Tractor, Inc. (CTI) is a John Deere Agricultural, Commercial, and Consumer Equipment Dealer located in North Central Kansas. CTI has been in business since 1967. What started as a single location dealership has now grown to four locations with market responsibility in 13 counties throughout North Central Kansas. Our objective is to enhance and improve the business operations of our customers and raise their level of success. We have over 100 employees in 4 locations providing sales, parts, and service to better serve all aspects of your operation, both in the store and on your farm. We always have a good selection of top-quality used equipment. Let our first class people go to work for you. Give us a call.” www.ctiks.com