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15479 US Hwy 54
Greensburg, KS 67054
25,245 Sq Ft
Completed May 2009

After the devastating tornado of May 2007 that leveled the small town of Greensburg Kansas, the City made the decision to re-build and to re-build environmentally friendly. The GREEN movement started and the owners of BTI jumped on the bandwagon. They made the commitment to re-build their dealership not just GREEN, but LEED Platinum Certified GREEN, the highest level attainable. HASTCO Construction was brought on early to TEAM up with the owners and architect to make their dream come true.

Special Features:
Numerous features and processes have gone into this project to attain the LEED Platinum Certification. Alternate energy sources such as wind, bio-mass and waste boilers have been included. Skylights, window placement, daylight sensors and building design help reduce energy for lighting. Efficiencies in HVAC and plumbing equipment and processes save our natural resources. Recycled as well as local products were used whenever possible. Built as a John Deere Place facility.

Special Needs:
The owners wanted state of the art, leading edge technology incorporated into this project. From bio-mass boilers that fuel the radiant floor heaters to computerized fluid filling stations in the service department and everything in between. The Estes family is very much a part of the community of Greensburg and wanted to incorporate a state of the art network system for the Sheriff’s Department and Hospital into their facility. This system has a generator back-up in case of power failure. And to insure the safety of their employees and customers a storm shelter is included in the event of another tornado.

End Use:
Retail and Service facility for John Deere equipment and accessories.

Special Recognition:
First documented construction site with temporary power being supplied 100% by wind energy. Also the first LEED Platinum Certified pre-engineered steel building in the world.

BTI, Inc is a family owned corporation that has four John Deere Dealerships in Western Kansas.