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Ag Power, Inc.
1051 Old Hwy 169 Blvd.
Belle Plaine MN
Phase I 19,500sft
Phase II 16,000sft.

With four dealership locations in Minnesota, this facility is the second facility of the four that the Hastco/Davidson design team will rebuild for Ag Power.

Special Features
With the equipment getting larger and business expanding, the Owners of Ag Power felt the need to update their existing facility. As the facility has been in the same location for generations, the decision was made not to move to a new location. Instead, rebuild in the same location over the existing structure. The new facility will be constructed in two phases.

Phase I
New Shop, Wash Bay and Special Tool Room.

The existing shop and wash bay (60’x160’x18’) was demolished and replaced with a new 130’x150’x27’ building, featuring larger doors and larger work bays with overhead cranes to accommodate today’s larger equipment. Existing 60’x 75’ combine shop to remain in place and attach to new shop

Phase II
New Parts Area, Retail Space and Office Space.

The existing parts, retail and office space – approx. 13,000 sq ft, will be demolished and replaced with a 16,000 sq ft new facility featuring larger parts area, larger retail space and more office to accommodate existing and new business.

Special Needs:
Conduct the ongoing day to day business as the new building is being reconstructed. The owner found an existing building 4 blocks away to move the shop business and be able to serve their customer needs as the new shop is being constructed. The plan for Phase II is to construct the new building over the existing building and then demo the existing as areas can be moved into the new areas.

With the lay of the land and the existing buildings, there is 6’ in finish floor elevation from the existing shop to parts and retail. In wanting to reuse as much existing concrete floor as possible, the elevations difference will remain the same.